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About October CMS

October is a self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. 

Thousands of digital studios and professional web developers have built businesses around October CMS. 

Their clients love the platform for its reliability and simplicity. 

October CMS is used as a primary platform by companies who have world famous brands in their portfolios, such as Toyota, KFC and Nestle.

What we think

As a CMS, October excels. It gives you everything you need to manage content and media, and doesn't add any bloat.

It's easy to add plugins and themes via the marketplace to give you additional functionality.

Because October CMS is built with Laravel, it's more than just a content management system - it's also a feature rich, beautiful backend that can really simplify development of your next web app. 

It's got it all.


From the website

The good points

  • Laravel based CMS
  • Powerful for developers
  • Easy for users
  • Great support
  • Nice Posts plugin ;-)

What's not so good

  • Deserves more attention than it gets

Our Verdict

October is awesome!

Really, you should use it for your next project.

It's simple to get started and the possibilities are endless.