Repeater Body Post

Repeater blocks make creating posts really easy. This post has a few examples

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Richeditor Block

Richeditor is just WYSIWYG so it's quite straightforward to use. 

You can insert inline media in this type of block by using the available buttons.

Markdown Block

Markdown is great for quickly formatting your content.

You can find some great documentation here.

Add an image

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Just an image

This is another richeditor block, but this time we've added an image.

You can add a default image, and as with all images in Posts, you can choose to add alternatives based on the users screen width.

Four options are available - You can add an image to be displayed above or below the text, or you can choose to float the image either left or right.

This makes it quite easy to create posts that look the way you expect by using multiple editor blocks with images attached. 

Of course you can still use the editor tools to insert images, too.

CMS Content Files

You can add content files from your theme.

An entire post could consist of just a single content file which would make it possible to version control your posts.