Repeater Body Post

Repeater blocks make creating posts really easy. This post has a few examples

Category: Repeater Posts

A New Page

The pagebreak block, as you might expect, introduces a page break allowing you to break up content into multiple pages.

This may be useful if you want to encourage users to move through posts methodically. Maybe you just want to display lots of ads - Whatever your reasons, it's dead easy.

CMS Partial Block

Themes can supply partials for the Posts plugin. It's really useful because it allows theme developers to be really creative.

The following partial is not so creative, but it's just a demo with some simple variables passed.

This is an example Partial

Partials support passing data from the posts plugin

This partial supports the following keys: myName, myEmail and myURL.

My Name is Rob

My email address is

My website address is

More to Come

Hopefully it's easy to see the value of the repeater body already, but more blocks will be added to the plugin soon. 

Additionally, the demo theme will provide more example partials in a future version.