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October CMS Posts Plugin

This is a simple Bootstrap 4 template with examples to help you set up the Posts plugin. You can get it free at Github.

Posts is a paid plugin but is free for non-commercial use.

Welcome to the Posts playground.

You can log in here with any of the following details.

  • editor / editor
  • writer / writer
  • guest / guest

Only editors can publish posts. Writers have more permissions enabled than guests - They are very restricted

This website will be reset to its default state on the hour. Some content is protected to maintain the integrity of the demo, but feel free to create, publish and delete anything you like.

The German translation of the theme and posts is for demo purposes and may not be accurate.

Not all posts are translated so expect 404 errors by design. Untranslated Category and Tag pages will always be available, however.

You can find out more about Posts for October here.

Debug mode is enabled - Please report any issues to

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The Richeditor WYSIWYG Body

This is just a simple post with a richeditor WYSIWYG body

Repeater Body Post

Repeater blocks make creating posts really easy. This post has a few examples

Structured Product Review

This is an example using the theme-supplied Product Review body template.

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Structured Recipe

This is the recipe for a party coffee cake from the Google Rich Results site.

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